16 April, 2015


Great vacation with hiking, biking, and family!


Hites Cove

Buffalo Gulch on Feliciana Mtn.

10 April, 2015


Up up and away. Great after-work ride to start vacay!

07 April, 2015

Tiburon Path

Quick afternoon jog with Heather along the Tiburon path!

06 April, 2015



04 April, 2015


Great ride with some Spokes Society members of our Marin County Bicycle Coalition!

02 April, 2015

Mill Valley Family Biking

A great shot of our Mill Valley Family Biking class!

30 March, 2015


Took the scenic Paradise Loop home from Strawberry Elementary!

my commuter is back from the dead (frame repair)

26 March, 2015


Good day to spin the rust off these old legs.

new Mill Valley path roundabout

24 March, 2015

Safe Routes

At the intersection of fun and safety, everybody loves our bikes rodeos!

Safe Routes

A little morning mist doesn't stop Hall Middle students from biking to our bike safety class!