15 September, 2014

Rodeo Beach

Lunch break in San Rafael.

After work ride to the sunny headlands!

climbing Old Springs Trail

looking down on Rodeo Beach

new bike path along Mill Valley Middle School

08 September, 2014

Davidson, Lake Lagunitas

Bike classes for 1,000+ students at Davidson Middle School!

After work ride to Lake Lagunitas!

07 September, 2014

Black Sands Beach

Hike to the beach with Heather and Jacob!

04 September, 2014

Safe Routes

Awesome first week back to school at Sun Valley and Sinaloa!

more bikers every year at Sinaloa

"I forgot how fun it was to ride my bike!" Sinaloa 6th grader

Thanks to Novato Police for helping with the rules of the road!

Jim getting obstacle course started at Sun Valley

Peter reviews the rules of the road

31 August, 2014

Rodeo Beach

Holiday weekend at the beach!

30 August, 2014

Carseat, hold the car.

Saturday rides are shorter, but now with much more baby!

one of us is about to fall asleep

29 August, 2014

Friday is a baby day!

Friday is a baby day!

morning walk on christmas tree hill

Earlier in the week I was visiting schools in San Rafael when I saw this re-purposing of parking.

not just for car storage anymore, game on!

Also earlier in the week, my baby was still adorable.

25 August, 2014

Lake Lagunitas

Lunch ride to Lake Lagunitas. This place always looks Auto Awesome even before Google!

24 August, 2014

Ring Mountain

Great hike on Ring Mountain with the fam!

23 August, 2014

Golden Gate Bridge

Thanks for watching Jacob, Oma & Papa. I went for a ride!

hundreds of bikers out today