18 June, 2010

East Bay Bike Paths

Today Heather and I ran some errands. We rode the Canal Trail and the Iron Horse Trail to Walnut Creek.
150 miles of bike path

former railroad, Iron Horse Trail

16 June, 2010

San Francisco

I have relocated to Martinez. Today Heather and I took BART to San Francisco. The warm sunny weather made the ride to Golden Gate even better. We nabbed a burger and took in the views of the bay and cityscape.
My favorite SF activity, riding Crissy Field

11 June, 2010

Credential Graduation

It is my last day of the teaching credential program. I received many nice gifts today, but the best present of all was being able to work with such an exceptional teacher (who also happened to be an awesome person).

Me awarding medals (overhead projector center)


I've done a lot of bike work this week with the help of Life Cycle.

wheel building is an art, this pattern is 3-cross

09 June, 2010

People for Bikes

JBG was added to the Blogroll on the People for Bikes Blog!

People for Bikes is trying to unite the voices of 1 Million US cyclist. If you've ever enjoyed riding a bike please take a moment to sign the pledge.

I got in a 20 mile jaunt to Blue Lake with Wes.

It was/is/will be raining. We doubled our average rainfall last May.

05 June, 2010

Global Fair

We just finished Arcata Elementary's "Global Fair"
each classroom becomes a country

Excerpt from Times Standard

But the most popular room was not a country at all -- but the outer space exhibit put together by third-grade teacher Marilyn Backman.

The room featured drawings of aliens on the walls, which were lined with black plastic to darken the space. Planets fell from the ceiling, where a replica of a rocket ship hung down above the floor. Backman has been teaching for 24 years, and is getting ready to retire later this month.

”Because this is my last year, I went a little overboard,” said Backman, who was “Empress of Outer Space,” dressed in matching silver boots and pants. “It's always a lot of fun.”

Little River

Under cloudy skies, the ride was short but my legs felt strong.

27 miles in 1:47, max 34.7 mph.