29 July, 2010

Yosemite Proposal

On the 10,000 ft peak of Clouds Rest I asked for Heather's hand.

The camping and hiking was amazing. We hiked to the top of Yosemite Falls from Yosemite Creek. Then we did an all day hike to Clouds Rest and Sunrise Lakes from Tenaya Lake.

Sunrise Lakes

-Wedding Planned for Summer 2011-

23 July, 2010

SR2S, Crockett

I am pleased to announce that...
I am the new Marin Safe Routes to Schools Instructor!

SR2S is a perfect blend of my two passions: education and bicycles.
Marin (background) as seen from Crocket Hills today

21 July, 2010


Heather and I drove to Fairfax for my interview with Marin SR2S.

Afterwards we hit up Camp Tamarancho mountain bike trail.
don't be fooled, the terrain was rocky!

We strolled through the enchanting farmers market and ate dinner before the short drive home.

18 July, 2010


Amtrak now allows bikes on DC-Chicago trains. Unfortunately the service started a few weeks after our tour from West Virginia to DC!

Closing the Roads

Bogota started an awesome trend of closing the main roads on certain weekends to allow the public to make use of the concrete for recreation and fitness.
Cities such as NY & SF soon followed. This year San Jose and Oakland started their own events, ViaVelo and Oaklavia.

This is not a road closure but instead a road opening!

Bike Curriculum

StreetFilms now offers StreetsEducation with access to grade appropriate lesson that reinforce core-subjects (PreK-8).

15 July, 2010

Briones, SR2S

I went for a ride in Briones this afternoon. The weather was hot but wonderfully dry after the humidity of Virginia!

I love riding out the front door to be on a trail only a few miles later.
"aerobic hill"

I'm very excited to be applying for a positions with Marin Safe Routes to Schools as an instructor of safe bicycling and walking. This Marin organization is one of the original SR2S programs.

12 July, 2010


We took a 22 mile spin to Historic Jamestown National Park, the first permanent English settlement in America (1607). There is a scenic road around the island and archeological excavations.
Jamestown Island

My favorite part of Jamestown is the Glasshouse where items are handmade today as they were 400 years ago.

The Glasshouse

08 July, 2010

Virginia Capital Trail

Heather and I rode a liesurely 32 mile round-trip to the current end of the Virginia Capital Trail. When completed next summer the path will stretch 60 car-free miles to Richmond.
we saw a Fisher outside its known range

04 July, 2010

Summer in Virginia

It is nice spending time in Virginia this summer.

some photomemories

In Yorktown we found lots of history. It was a turning point in the revolution.
cannon ball shot at Lord Cornwallis

Yorktown Victory Monument
The fireworks were spectacular in Williamsburg.

02 July, 2010

C & O + Mt Vernon

I just finished the journal for our latest trip. We traveled 210 miles from West Virginia to Washington DC!

You can read a day by day account of our 5 day bike tour here.

car-free biking