Looking for an Exercise Bike? Here’s How to Find the Best One

By Bob Steigelwood.  Welcome!  Our website is dedicated to providing you with information, reviews and tips on exercise bikes.

You see it all the time… Someone gets excited about the idea of working out at home, buys an exercise bike, and a few months later, no one’s using the bike, and it’s turned into a glorified clothes rack.

If you want your exercise bike to do more than just sit and collect dust, you have to work hard to find the right one from the start.  Otherwise, you’ll never be motivated to use it long-term.

Why Invest In An Exercise Bike?

Getting an best spinning bikes is one of the best ways to work out.  It gives you an aerobic and a strength-training workout.  In fact, it’s one of the most versatile and most affordable fitness machines out there!

When you get an exercise bike also known as a stationary bike, you get benefits that you simply can’t get from any other piece of equipment.  An exercise bike:

–          Gives you a low-impact workout that’s perfect for anyone, including older people and people who are rehabilitating from an injury.

–          Is great for people who cannot do weight-bearing exercises.  Compared to other work out machines, exercise bikes are incredibly easy on the joints.  That fluid movement is much easier than the herky-jerky motion of lifting weights.

–          Is cheaper than other fitness equipment.  In fact, you can get a decent exercise bike for a few hundred dollars.  Other machines can cost double or even triple that!

–          Is more compact than other fitness equipment.  After all, how many fitness machines can fit right in the corner of your bedroom?

–          Is easy on your lower back.  Lots of people with chronic back pain have trouble finding ways to get quality exercise.  But with an exercise bike, they can work out pain-free.

–          Allows you to distract yourself by watching TV or reading a book – meaning you’ll be inclined to spend more time working out.

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But How Do You Find The Best One?

After all, you can’t see any of the benefits of an exercise bike if you never use it.  And if you don’t find a machine that suits your needs, you’ll never want to get on it.

There is no “perfect” exercise bike.  However, there are so many different varieties of bikes that you can find the perfect one for you.  Whether you want to spend a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, there is a great bike out there for you.

In a world of virtually limitless exercise bikes, here’s how you pick the best one:

1.  Pick a Style

There are 3 different types of exercise bike – the upright, the recumbent, and the dual action.

    • The upright exercise bike is what you think of when you think of a traditional bicycle.  It’s a taller bike with a backless seat.
    • The recumbent exercise bike is lower to the ground.  Instead of having your legs directly underneath you, they are extended out in front of you.  And, these bikes provide more back support than their upright counterparts, as they have wider seats that have a back to them.  Because of that wider seat, recumbent bikes tend to be better for beginners.  The wider the seat, the less sore you are going to feel after a workout – especially when you’re not used to extensive bike riding.


    • Dual action bikes generally look just like upright bikes, but they come with arm handles that move along with the pedals.  You can get a dual action bike that’s also recumbent, but those are incredibly rare.

While they make look different, upright and recumbent bikes offer the same workout intensity.  Dual action bikes offer a more intense workout because they incorporate your upper body, as well.

No matter which style you choose, make sure the seat is wide enough for you to ride comfortably.  And, if you plan on having more than one person use it, make sure it’s easy to adjust the height.

2.  Pick a Resistance

Every style of bike offers either tension belt resistance or magnetic resistance.  Magnetic resistance is a feature that’s found on more expensive bikes.  With either type, though, it’s important to make sure that you can easily adjust your resistance.  After all, no one wants to stop their workout to fiddle with a bunch of difficult knobs!

3.  Pick a Mode

Exercise bikes can be completely manual, or they can be electric.  In fact, exercise bikes are getting more and more high-tech by the day!  Now, you can get electric bikes with display consoles that tell you all about your heart rate, the time you’ve spent pedaling, the distance you’ve traveled, the speed you’re going, and even what workout mode you’re in.  Of course, the most detailed display consoles come with a higher price tag.  But, if you want constant information available during your workout, you can definitely get it!

Usually, the manual exercise bikes are much smaller than their electric counterparts, so if you need it to fit into a small space, you’ll probably be better off with a manual bike.

 4. Pick a Brand

The best quality brands include:  Schwinn exercise bikes, Weslo, Lifecycle exercise bikes, Tunturi exercise bikes, Stamina exercise bikes, Proform exercise bikes, NordicTrack exercise bikes and the Marcy exercise bike.

Once you have the best exercise bike for your needs, you can get off the couch and start pedaling… You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel!… Read the rest

A ProForm Exercise Bike – Is It Right for You?

If you’ve been studying the bigger names in exercise bikes, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled upon ProForm exercise bikes.

ProForm has been in the home fitness industry for years.  The company built its name off of treadmills, then moved onto other fitness equipment, like exercise bikes and elliptical machines.

So, what do they have to offer?

A ProForm exercise bike is generally considered an entry-level bike.  ProForm exercise bikes are some of the cheapest in the industry.  For a biking beginner who’s not sure if they’re really going to keep up the habit of riding an exercise bike on a regular basis, a ProForm exercise bike can be a great purchase.

If you are an expert rider, though, a ProForm exercise bike may not have as many bells and whistles as you’d like.  There are other, more expensive, brands that can offer more features and gadgets than ProForm.

How much do they cost?

ProFrom offers 3 upright bikes and 1 recumbent model.  All of them cost between $150 and $500 – which is very cheap in the world of exercise bikes.

What do they come with?

When it comes to exact features, each model will vary a little bit.  However, most ProForm bikes feature magnetic resistance – which is considered a big plus in the exercise bike world.  That’s because magnetic resistance offers a much smoother and quieter ride, while still offering plenty of challenging resistance.

Another big plus – ProForm exercise bikes are compatible with iFit, an interactive workout tool.  With iFit, you can use discs, videos, and other online features to boost your workout.

Which ProForm exercise bikes should you look for?

The GR 80 is ProForm’s cheapest model.  For about $150, you can take advantage of 4 built-in workout programs, a heart monitor, and even a cooling fan to keep you comfortable while you pedal.  You simply won’t be able to find a bike that’s cheaper than that!

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, the GR 90 may very well be ProForm’s best deal.  A recumbent bike, the GR 90 comes with 10 levels of magnetic resistance, so that you will always be able to take on a tough workout.  Plus, the GR 90 also has a special seat-cooling feature called Coolux – so that you can stay cool and comfortable during your workout!

The GR 90 also comes with 6 built-in workout programs, a heart rate monitor that’s built right into the handlebars, and a crisp LCD console that can keep track of a variety of details about your workout.… Read the rest

Looking for the Right Exercise Bike Workout? Here’s How to do It

So, you’ve gone out and gotten a state-of-the-art exercise bike…  Now what?

Just because your new bike has all of the bells and whistles doesn’t mean you know how to get the most out of it.  If you want to burn calories and feel better, you need the right exercise bike workout.

If you’re a beginner, start with a basic aerobic workout.  The goal is to spend 20-30 minutes riding at about 65% of your maximum heart rate.  But, how do you know what your maximum heart rate is?  Just subtract your age from 220.

So, if you’re 30 years-old, your maximum heart rate would be 190 beats per minute.  In order to get the most out of a basic aerobic workout, you should aim for a speed that gets your heart pumping to about 124 beats per minute.  If you can spend 30 minutes pedaling at that speed, you can burn about 300 calories!

But what if you can’t handle that high of a speed right out of the gate?

No problem.  You can work your way up to the right exercise bike workout.

Pedal at a speed that doesn’t overwhelm you – and, to compensate for the slower speed, spend a few extra minutes on your bike.  Before you know it, you’ll be able to meet and exceed all of your aerobic challenges!

Once you master the aerobic workout, you will be ready to take on something more difficult.  The high intensity workout, otherwise known as interval training, burns more calories than a simple aerobic workout.  But, you have to be in fairly good shape to do it.

With interval training, you workout in segments.  After the first segment, you do a short cool down, take a quick break, then start again.  You’ll need those short breaks to help your muscles recover.  In about 2 minutes or so, you can give your body enough of a rest to keep going.

If you really want to ramp up your interval training, use that break time to mix in other exercises – like free weights.  And if you’re working out at home, you have the added luxury of not having to worry about someone else jumping on your bike while you take a break!

Whether you’re a beginner or an exercise bike workout veteran, you need to remember the importance of a good warm-up and cool down.  Warming up gets your heart ready for exercise, gradually.  Combined with a good cool down, you can prevent injuries.

If you’re an exercise newbie, plant to spend about 10 minutes warming up.  Then, as you move forward in your exercise regimen, you can shorten the time.  But, no matter how advanced of rider you become, you will always need to spend at least a few minutes warming up and cooling down!… Read the rest

Lifecycle Exercise Bikes

If you are serious about the time you spend on your home exercise bike, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Lifecycle.  Owned by Life Fitness, Lifecycle exercise bikes have some serious credentials to back them up.

If you’ve ever spent time pedaling on an exercise bike at a professional gym, you’ve spent time on a Lifecycle.  That’s because some of the biggest names in fitness – like Gold’s Gym and 24-Hour Fitness – use Lifecycle exercise bikes in their facilities.  That’s because Life Fitness – the manufacturer of Lifecycle exercise bikes – has been a fixture in the fitness industry for more than 4 decades!

And, some of your favorite athletes hop up on a Lifecycle exercise bike when they need a workout.  The Los Angeles Lakers, the Houston Astros, and the San Francisco 49ers all use Lifecycle bikes.

But if you want to work out on a Lifecycle bike just like the pros do, you will have to pay for it.  Lifecycle exercise bikes are the most expensive in the industry.  The “beginner” models cost about $1,000, while the fancier models can cost more than $2,000.

So, what do you get for all of that money?

A great workout!

Lifecycle exercise bikes are constantly praised for their durability, quality, and design.

There are a variety of both upright and recumbent Lifecycle exercise bike options.  Half of the models are self-powered – meaning you can put them anywhere that’s convenient, not just near an electrical outlet.

And, you can customize each model.  On every purchase, you get your choice of a Basic Console or an Advanced Console.  The Basic Console gives you 5 pre-programmed routines, while the Advanced Console comes with 10 pre-programmed routines and 2 special workout programs.

And, if you choose a Lifecycle Platinum Club Model, you can use a giant LCD display to keep track of all of your information – like your heart rate, the number of calories you’ve burned, and the distance you’ve traveled.

If you’re a serious biker who is willing to pay some serious money for a workout, you’ll fall in love with Lifecycle’s 7 series.  The Lifecycle C7i – the upright version – has 20 levels of resistance, 10 pre-programmed workouts, and a heart rate monitor that comes with a wireless chest strap.  However, it will cost you about $2,000.

If recumbent bikes are more your style, you’ll be impressed by the R7i.  The recumbent version of the C7i, the R7i comes with all of the same features.  However, it also comes with a higher price tag.  The R7i will cost you about $2,500.… Read the rest

A Weslo Exercise Bike – Offering a Great Start for Biking Beginners

So, you’ve decided to get in shape with a home exercise bike.  You’ve started reading reviews, and you’re amazed by how much some of these machines cost!  But, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a great workout.  In fact, when you get a Weslo exercise bike, you get a cost-effective way to shape up!

With prices starting below $100, Weslo exercise bikes are far cheaper than other brands.  In fact, you can get any Weslo exercise bike for less than $300!

But that low price doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality.  In fact, Weslo exercise bikes are manufactured by Icon Health and Fitness, Inc. – a company that has been a fixture in the exercise world for decades.

Plus, Weslo exercise bikes come with many of the same accessories as pricier brands – like computer consoles, heart monitors, pre-programmed workout courses, and dual-action cross-training arms.

And, just like the more expensive brands, with Weslo, you can have your pick of both upright and recumbent models.

Because of their lower price, though, many exercise bike experts say that Weslo exercise bikes are best for biking beginners.

But that’s not a bad thing!

If you’re just getting started in the biking world, you may be hesitant to spend several hundred – or several thousand – dollars on a home exercise bike.  After all, what if you don’t stick to your workout regimen?  What if you get sick of using the bike?  What if you decide you’d rather get in shape by doing something else?  If you’re afraid to be “stuck” with an exercise bike, you can get a Weslo.  That way, if your biking plans don’t work out the way you thought they would, you won’t feel like you wasted a ton of money.

So, if you want to move forward with a Weslo exercise bike, which one should you get?

There are two great Weslo exercise bikes that can give you a great workout:

–          The Pursuit E40 is Weslo’s very best upright model.  For about $300, you’ll get 8 built-in workouts, a large LCD console, pulse sensors, and magnetic resistance.

But if recumbent bikes are more your style, you can get a great workout with the Weslo Pursuit 360R.  For about $170, it comes with many of the same accessories that you can get on the E40.

Read the rest

Looking for an Exercise Bike? – 4 Types to Choose From

How do you like to workout?

Do you like a quick, intense workout?

Do you like to go at a more leisurely pace?

Do you like to distract yourself so that your workout feels less like “work”?

No matter how you like to workout, there is an exercise bike that suits your needs!

When it comes to exercise bikes, all machines are not created equal.  Whether you are an exercise newbie or a workout veteran, it’s easy to find an exercise bike that will work best for you.  But to find your perfect match, you need to know about the 4 different types of exercise bikes:

1.  Upright Exercise Bikes

Designed to look just like a traditional bike you would see out on a trail, upright models are what most people think of when they think of exercise bikes.  Just like a traditional bike, upright bikes have a narrow seat, and the pedals are positioned so that your legs hang underneath you.

Upright exercise bikes come in a variety of styles and prices.  Some are built to fold up and fit into your closet.  Others are bigger machines that come with tons of computerized gadgets.  If you really want to vary your workout, get an upright exercise bike that comes with pre-programmed courses.  That way, you’ll never get bored!

2.  Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Designed to offer a more comfortable workout, recumbent bikesare very different from upright models.  With a recumbent exercise bike, the pedals are positioned out in front of you – so that your feet are level with the rest of your body.  These types of exercise bikes also come with wider bucket seats that even have backs to them, so they’re much more comfortable than an upright bike.

While they may be more comfortable, recumbent exercise bikes give you a workout that’s just as effective as upright bikes.  In fact, they may be even more effective, because you’re likely to spend more time on them!

3.  Dual Action Exercise Bikes

If a lower-body workout just isn’t good enough, get a dual action exercise bike.  These bikes come with moving handlebars that workout your arms as you pedal.  That way, you can get a full-body workout all at once!

Most dual action bikes are upright bikes.  There are some recumbent models that offer dual action capabilities, but they are tougher to find.

4.  Interactive Exercise Bikes

Designed to divert your attention, interactive exercise bikes have a variety of activities that can take your mind off your workout – and get you feelin’ the burn longer!

Some interactive exercise bikes come with built-in TVs.  Others have screens that show videos from actual bike rides, so that you can feel like you’re out and about instead of inside.  Others have built-in headphones and iPod docks so that you can rock out while you workout!… Read the rest