Looking for an Exercise Bike? – 4 Types to Choose From

How do you like to workout?

Do you like a quick, intense workout?

Do you like to go at a more leisurely pace?

Do you like to distract yourself so that your workout feels less like “work”?

No matter how you like to workout, there is an exercise bike that suits your needs!

When it comes to exercise bikes, all machines are not created equal.  Whether you are an exercise newbie or a workout veteran, it’s easy to find an exercise bike that will work best for you.  But to find your perfect match, you need to know about the 4 different types of exercise bikes:

1.  Upright Exercise Bikes

Designed to look just like a traditional bike you would see out on a trail, upright models are what most people think of when they think of exercise bikes.  Just like a traditional bike, upright bikes have a narrow seat, and the pedals are positioned so that your legs hang underneath you.

Upright exercise bikes come in a variety of styles and prices.  Some are built to fold up and fit into your closet.  Others are bigger machines that come with tons of computerized gadgets.  If you really want to vary your workout, get an upright exercise bike that comes with pre-programmed courses.  That way, you’ll never get bored!

2.  Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Designed to offer a more comfortable workout, recumbent bikesare very different from upright models.  With a recumbent exercise bike, the pedals are positioned out in front of you – so that your feet are level with the rest of your body.  These types of exercise bikes also come with wider bucket seats that even have backs to them, so they’re much more comfortable than an upright bike.

While they may be more comfortable, recumbent exercise bikes give you a workout that’s just as effective as upright bikes.  In fact, they may be even more effective, because you’re likely to spend more time on them!

3.  Dual Action Exercise Bikes

If a lower-body workout just isn’t good enough, get a dual action exercise bike.  These bikes come with moving handlebars that workout your arms as you pedal.  That way, you can get a full-body workout all at once!

Most dual action bikes are upright bikes.  There are some recumbent models that offer dual action capabilities, but they are tougher to find.

4.  Interactive Exercise Bikes

Designed to divert your attention, interactive exercise bikes have a variety of activities that can take your mind off your workout – and get you feelin’ the burn longer!

Some interactive exercise bikes come with built-in TVs.  Others have screens that show videos from actual bike rides, so that you can feel like you’re out and about instead of inside.  Others have built-in headphones and iPod docks so that you can rock out while you workout!


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