Car Free Since 2002

Living car-free for over a decade!

I ride 30 mile commutes
and 5 minute trips to the grocery store.

I ride to improve my quality of life and to
demonstrate that cycling is viable transportation.

   Bike Riders:
  1. improve 
    personal health.
  2. reduce deaths and injuries for all road users.
  3. eliminate and avoid traffic congestion.
  4. support local businesses.
  5. make no air pollution.
  6. reduce dependence on foreign oil. 
  7. are powered by food, a local renewable energy.
  8. require very little public space.
  9. connect and foster stronger and safer communities.
  10. save money for themselves and tax payers.
  11. have fun!

     unbeatable efficiency in local transportation
                                                   the joy of flying on two wheels

I work for an equitable and sustainable planet.  

Driving is our largest personal environmental impact. (UCSUSA)

Car crashes are the top cause of death and injury for young people. (WHO, CDC)

Childhood obesity has tripled in a generation.  (CDC)

Auto-centric transportation adversely affects the young, elderly, handicapped, and poor.(Transportation For America)

The bike is an effective solution
 to complex and expensive social problems.

We need safe places for all forms of transportation.
Livable or "complete street" designs accommodate both active and motorized transportation.

Safe Routes to Schools helps kids reclaim the right to enjoy the benefits of walking and biking to school.

I am not one less car.  I am one more bicycle.

The bicycle stands alone as a triumph of engineering. The combination of wheels, gears, and a few levers, is the most efficient mechanism of transportation ever devised for humans over land.

Transportation Energy Efficiency

Regardless of whether you ride for fun, fitness, or transportation the bike extends its benefits to recreational and utilitarian riders alike.

Biking improves overall health and is lauded by doctors as a low-impact activity with strength (anaerobic) and cardiovascular (aerobic) elements. Riding is a low-impact activity in more ways than one.

This ultra-efficient machine can minimizes our footprint on the planet.
Air pollution free, the bike burns calories for fuel.

"A bikeway is a symbol that shows that a citizen on a $30 bicycle is equally important as a citizen on a $30,000 car." Enrique Penalosa

Riding a bike is also good for social equity.  Facilities for non-motorized traffic benefit low-income adults, children, young adults, elderly, and handicapped that may not have automobile access.

No paving paradise to put up a parking lot and no smashing people to bits.
How could such a machine be overlooked?

There is inherent good in riding a bicycle for any reason.
Every rider helps raise public awareness of this brilliant machine.

+ most efficient mechanism for transport
+ improved overall health
+ no pollution
+ available to nearly everybody