The Law

In America "I didn't see..." is a get out of jail free card.

It is not against the law to kill a pedestrian or biker with your car.

As long as you are not drunk and stay at the scene, it would be a rarity for you to receive a traffic violation let alone a criminal charge.

If you don't believe me look at your local news.  Granted they don't keep up the endless barrage of injured people, but deaths sometimes get a short mention.  Police often fail to investigate these deaths, they just call this common occurrence a "tragic accident".

oops, you just killed someone.  don't worry, it's not against the law...

This is due to a loop-hole that states pedestrians are responsible for crossing when safe.

“There’s no law on the books that we can point to to charge an individual who, without intent, negligently and accidentally injures a pedestrian, or bicyclist, or individual in their car.”  SF DA spokesperson Omid Talai.

Importance of Pedestrian Vigilance at Crosswalks
Double Standard For Drivers Who Kill
Driver Kills Pedestrian in Crosswalk, SF

There's a book on how cunning people use cars to get away with murder.  Just hire someone to run the victim over in the street.  The driver "didn't see them" and away they go, not even held for additional questions.

Unfortunately this is the age of distracted driving (top cause of teen death) and "I didn't see them" is heard more and more frequently.

How did this and so many other absurd transportation anomalies come to be?

Well documented lobbying from the auto-industry decades ago.

Check out the "Weekly Carnage" from NYC, simply amazing.

Drunk-Texting-Fatal Hit & Run:  No charges?

Work in progress, enjoy this video until then...